Clearing Bath Salt


Regularly cleansing your aura, personal energy and home is an essential act. Clearing Salt can be added to your bath to boost your personal protection and cleans your aura.

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Fill your bath with water, add a handful of the Clearing Salt. Before getting into the bath set your intention to release all negativity stored in the mind, body and soul. Submerge yourself completely in the salt water or use a cup to pour some water over your head and soak for about 20 – 30 minutes. Once you are done visualize a shild of protective light and love all around you. Pull the plug and visualize all the negative energy flowing down the drain. This ritual cleansing bath can be done once a week.
To clear an area that has negative vibrations or energy, fill a small bowl half way with the Clearing Salt and add a tea light candle on top of the salt. Before lighting the candle affirm what you want from the space. Keep the candle lit for 30 minutes or more. This should be done for 6 days. On the 7th day empty the salt down the drain.

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